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AlarmBot – Part 1

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Waking up is a real struggle for me in the morning. This is why every night I set multiple alarms, most of them every 10-15 minutes, so my alarm looks pretty much like this (that is my actual list of alarms from this morning):

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How to build a Twitter Search Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

Microsoft Bot Framework

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You can test the completed bot here.


Last week at its annual developer conference, Build, Microsoft announced the new Bot Framework in the attempt to get developers to build intelligent bots using Microsoft technologies.

In this article, we will introduce the concepts of Conversational AI and bots, and will create a bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework that will search Twitter for tweets containing the user query.

We will then integrate it with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) from the new Microsoft Cognitive Services¬†which¬†will allow users to input natural language. Then, with the help of Machine Learning, we will extract the intent from the user’s query and search Twitter.

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